5 Fearless Strategies for Career and Life Success

Are You Ready to Redesign Your Work Life?

While analysts question whether the Great Resignation will continue or is waning, do you feel like you missed the opportunity to make your move? Did you stay gainfully employed, but wish you had quit? Do you long to create a different work life reality but can’t take the risk of quitting an unfulfilling job for a more fulfilling life?

Reported reasons for the great resignation are varied. With time on our hands over two years, we focused on what matters most in life, we reflected on lackluster corporate culture, and we discovered our need for work life flexibility, and of course, poor compensation. Luckily, all those things can be addressed without quitting your job. So, if you didn’t resign, you have an opportunity to redesign your current situation instead.

Part of what’s driving the great resignation is fear. But the other side of fear is fearlessness – the courage to make the right decisions for ourselves. We can all learn how to have the courage to be honest with ourselves, face the uncertainty and know that while we may feel that we don’t have control of many facets of life, the truth is, we do. Here are a few steps you can take to create the career you want without leaving your current position.

Strategy 1

Are You Ready to Redesign Your Work Life

To redesign healthy workplaces CEO’s down must figure out how to engage employees more meaningfully, and with greater humanity. It’s time to focus on employee’s well-being and give them the tools they need for growth so they stay motivated to bring their best authentic self to work and will participate fully in the overall vision for the company.

Strategy 2

 Start With Mindset

You’ve heard me talk about this before and I’ll continue to do so because this is where it starts. Do you believe you can change? Do you believe there are other opportunities out there for you? Of course, you do otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. But shifting your mindset is not a simple matter of flipping the switch. It’s about asking yourself the right questions, taking the deep dive into curiosity to find the answers, and challenging yourself to think differently. My books The Fearless Factor and The Fearless Factor @ Work were written to help you with the questions and insights you need to adjust your thinking and start taking actions that change your life. I also invite you to listen to Mel Robbins in this video.

Strategy 3

 Do You Trust Yourself

You have no doubt heard, “If you can’t trust yourself who will you trust?” Lack of self-trust is one of the hardest things to overcome – if you are not willing to take a risk. Do you trust yourself to do what you say you will do? Do you trust that you have the right instincts? Do you trust that you know how to make the right decisions and choices? Did you know that fear is your inability to trust that you can handle whatever it is that comes your way? This is fundamental to all change. Start by taking small risks. Test the waters. See how it feels. Then do something bigger. Gradually, you’ll develop the knowledge that you can do what you say you want to do, and along the way gain the trust of others.

Strategy 4

Embrace Failure

If you’re afraid of failing, flip the narrative. If you want to redesign your work experience, you have to experiment. So, redefine failure as experimentation. Think about trying and failing as market research. Experiment, fail, and reiterate. When you avoid failure, you avoid risk and without risk there can be no innovation or forward movement. What are the risks you can take in your current work situation? Who do you need to build alliances with so you can do this?

Strategy 5

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses and Your Blind Spots

Knowing who you are, what matters to you, and where you may be getting in your own way is critical to your success. When redesigning your work life you have to know what it is that gives you the greatest pleasure, and what may be getting in the way. I’ve been doing behavioral assessments for many years, and I can tell you, behind every aspect of negative behavior lies insecurity, and the fear of not being good enough, and most of the time it’s the B.S. we tell ourselves. Learn to identify what really matters to you and you are closer to knowing what it is you want out of your work life.

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