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Fearless Friday 5 Strategies for Career and Life

The world we live in right now feels like it is out of control, and individually, we may struggle to find our balance amidst all the chaos. Living with uncertainty is hard. We crave information that confirms our future will be stable. We struggle with ambiguity because it makes it hard to focus on creating […]

Why Is it So Hard To Make Changes in Your Career and Life?

A Personal Story More than thirty years ago I decided to get serious about getting beyond the debilitating and self-destructive habits that had created a path of destruction in my life. I had given my first child up for adoption, left the second child with his father and moved from London to San Francisco without […]

Fearless Friday Strategies

Every week I share with you 5 Fearless Strategies that give you food for thought. These insights are there to accelerate your growth and development. If you find them helpful, please comment so I know what you enjoyed or made a difference and I’ll keep delivering good content. Don’t forget to check out the links for […]

Are You Compromising Your Ability to Change?

“Self-improvement is a foundation of leadership. If leadership is to have meaning over time, to be sustainable, it requires continuous attention and effort.” – Benjamin Franklin. Ben Franklin was a model of self-improvement. From humble beginnings to extraordinary influencer at the royal courts of King George 3rd of England, and Louis 16th of France, and eventually the […]

Your Mental Health Is Key To Your Mental Wealth

A few months ago I published an article on changing your mindset and it bears repeating in these challenging times, especially since we are in Mental Health month. We all have a radio playing in our heads. But I have to ask…are you tuned to the right station? Too many of us are tuned to […]

Fearless Friday Strategies on Second-Guessing Decisions

Are You Losing Opportunities When You Second Guess Yourself? This week’s newsletter looked at how second-guessing yourself can limit your opportunities. We’ve all done it. Thought it was a good idea and then…maybe not! Maybe we are on the wrong track, maybe we need to check in with someone else, maybe it’s a bad idea. […]

Are You Losing Opportunities When You Second Guess Yourself?

Are You Second Guessing Yourself? How many times a day do you ask yourself if you are making the right decision? Or maybe you need to check in and ask someone what they think before you decide? Perhaps you decide only to stop yourself from taking action because you’re not sure if it’s the right […]

How To Make Your Organization Better and Keep Your Employees Happy

Most organizations, like most of the people who work in them, have a desire to do better. If that’s your goal there needs to be a clear vision of what change would look like, what actions need to be taken, and what obstacles are getting in the way of progress. It is also essential to determine […]

Fearless Friday Strategies for Self-Care

I took a mini-vacation this week to refresh the mind, and give the body a chance to relax away from all the doo-doo’ing. As a high-achiever there is always more we can do and sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to pause so we can give ourselves the opportunity to reassess our direction and […]

Who Are Your Guides In Life?

Everyone needs guides in life – someone who has paved the way and can teach us how to overcome circumstances and reach for success. Someone who has the wisdom to help you understand where you stand in your own way, and how to move beyond the thoughts and actions that may not serve your best […]

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