Being Fearless is not the absence of fear, but the courage to take the next step. Be Fearless: See Where It Gets You!

Our minds are the most powerful tools we have for creating the lives we want. Here are 5 strategies for monitoring your thinking and move you forward to greater success.

1.Start the day with positive breathing and affirmations.

For example:

  • I breathe in abundance. I breathe out gratitude for all I am and all I can be!
  • I breathe in trust. I breathe out expansion of self.
  • I breathe in faith. I breathe out belief that I can create the life I want.

2.Transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

We spend our days in negative self-talk that is frequently the result of a harsh inner critic who judges our actions. Start with asking who is doing the talking? Is this a voice from some part of your past experience? Is the truth of who you really are? Are you stupid? Do you ALWAYS make mistakes? Are you a failure? Is it true you are not good enough, or will never succeed? Becoming conscious of your thinking is an act of great vigilance. Notice how you speak to yourself. Notice how you speak to others. Catch yourself in the act. Have patience with yourself. Change your language to the positive. The more you think the opposite of negative, the more you will give your brain the opportunity to celebrate how great you really are.

3.Learn how to trust yourself

“If you can’t trust yourself, who can you trust?” This is a very true statement. Lack of self-trust is the reason we don’t make good choices and decisions. It’s also the reason we spend so much time in self-doubt, undermining our ability to show up authentically and be the person we want to be. Fear is our inability to trust that we can handle whatever comes our way. Distrust is fear in action. When you learn how to move beyond it and find the strength to stand strong in yourself, your world changes. When you develop trust in yourself, you develop more faith in the world. When you trust yourself to do the right thing, think the right way, and take the right actions, your world will become much bigger.

4.Question Everything

Questions help you uncover the truth. They help you decide, create and connect in meaningful ways. The art of questioning is the pathway to smart decision-making. Questions lead us past the uncertainty and false perceptions that influence our daily lives. Curiosity drives questions and opens you up to greater possibilities. Questions are essential to our growth and impact our career and lives in significant ways. Don’t be afraid to question.

5.Who are you?

Building self-awareness is a critical part of your development. When we know who we are, we are more confident, more creative, and make better decisions. Self-awareness allows us to have stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. When we are self-aware we are less likely to be led by other people’s idea of who we are. Being self-aware is equated with higher earnings, gives you more control over your life, and lower levels of stress. Who wouldn’t want that?

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