Group Facilitation

Every individual brings unique perspectives, resources, skills, and contacts to the group, and together, over the course of three months, teams of 6-10 people focus on communicating, resolving problems and setting bold goals. Creating an environment that inspires team members to excel and your business to thrive.


Existing or Diversified Teams


Achieve better results from high-functioning teams who have more effective communication, collaboration and decision-making skills.

  • Design: The group meets virtually each month to discuss challenges, develop strategies to address gaps and monitor progress together.
  • Assess: Human Synergistics 360 feedback behavioral assessment identifies group issues and sets clear objectives and expected outcomes.
  • Coach: Weekly online touchpoints for all group members using curated content to tackle problems and improve communication and long-term decision-making skills. Also includes monthly individual coaching and setting up a buddy system for accountability.
  • Evaluate: Surveys track individual and group progress.
Group Facilitation
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