Fearless Change Program

The Fearless Change Program


The Fearless Change Program is for accomplished women who are ready to get unstuck?

How about starting to live the life you really want?

This is your invitation to change in 6 weeks or less. In a small group of your peers, this virtual program helps you find your path to greater meaning, happiness and success. It accelerates the process of getting past your fears faster than you thought possible.

In a carefully selected group of no more than 8 of your peers, you’ll realize how to remove obstacles and limiting beliefs getting in your way.

Supported by 3 hours of personal coaching and 6 hours of group coaching, individuals perform a weekly series of exercises and reflections to discover their strengths and weaknesses. Building the necessary skills to create and nurture strong career goals, tackle challenges, and create more satisfaction and fulfillment in life.

  • Gaining more self-awareness.
  • Setting clear priorities.
  • Widening your vision to dream big.
  • Helping you communicate more effectively.
  • Boosting your resilience and resourcefulness.
  • Building your influence and support for your ideas.
  •  Creating a roadmap to guide you through your transitions.

If you’re tired of thinking about change and ready to take action, The Fearless Change Program and coaching will get you from A to B faster than you think—so you can stress less and feel more satisfied with your career and life.

Be Fearless: See Where It Gets You!


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