Fearless Change Program 

If you are an accomplished woman who is ready to have the career and life you really want...then this is your invitation to ignite change in 6 weeks or less.


In a small group of your peers, this virtual program helps you find your path to greater meaning, happiness and success. It will also accelerate the process of getting past your fears faster than you thought possible.

I will carefully curate a select group of no more than 8 of your peers. Together, you will support each other as you remove obstacles and limiting beliefs getting in your way of your success, and also get the accountability you need to move to the next level.

Supported by 3 hours of personal coaching and 6 hours of group coaching I will facilitate a safe space where you can feel comfortable in the company of your peers to address the issues that may currently be getting in your way.

It also includes a weekly series of exercises and reflections to give you the necessary insights and skills  to create and nurture strong career goals, tackle challenges, and create more satisfaction and fulfillment in  your life.


Module 1 - Pre-Program Introduction: Chart your Life Journey and Define your Biggest Challenge

Module 2 - The Inner Game. Define your limited beliefs, identify your values, and activate your self-awareness to bring focus, clarity and depth to your beliefs and actions.

Module 3 - The Power of Communicating Successfully. Learn your style of communication, how to listen at a deeper level, navigate difficult conversations, and know what questions to ask to get more information.

Module 4 - Being More Resilient is Your X-Factor. Being resilient and resourceful isn't a matter of survival, it is also one of the most common traits of successful, happy people. Understanding and developing your resillience and resourcefulness will help you reach peak performance in both your personal and professional life.

Module 5 - Influence is a Game Changer. Great influencers know how to build trust and reliability to grow their network strategically. Developing effective relationships takes time, and understanding the science and behavior behind it is essential for you to become a great influencer.

Module 6 - Reignite Your Career for Success. Any kind of transition means change, and knowing how to handle it is essential. Whether you are seeking change voluntarily, or it is being forced upon you, it's good to have a process and a roadmap to handle it effectively.

All program content is delivered virtually through our online membership platform. 


Individual: Throughout the six weeks I will spend three hours with you individually to take a deep dive and work through the obstacles that are currently getting in the way to solutions that will accelerate your change.

Group: We will meet bi-weekly for 90-minutes to share updates, address any issues that you are currently dealing with in the program, and discuss future actions.

Important: This is a program for women who are committed to making change a priority in their life. It is by application only because I want to make sure this is a good fit for you. After your application submission, I will set up a time to chat with you to confirm your space on the program and handle any questions you may have.

3 hours of individual coaching (value $1,500)
6 hours of group coaching (value $1,800)
6 weeks of knowledge and learning (value $1,200)
Unlimited email support - Priceless
(Total value of program: $4,500)

If you are ready for a change, and you're ready to do it....FAST, this program is for you. 

Be Fearless: See Where It Gets You!

"Jacqueline’s six week training program is an invitation to a guided inquiry, professional and personal self-discovery. If you are looking for a trusted partner to tackle some of the most tricky professional challenges in a supportive group of your peers, this course is for you. I am coming out of it with a clear vision of what areas need my attention to advance to the next level professionally and with an action plan. No-one said this would be easy, but it is definitely more structured! I definitely recommend this course.” - Elena Farah, Adjunct Faculty Instructor, C.T. Bauer College Business School, University of Houston.

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