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"Research by Deloitte revealed that organizations with a strong learning culture had between 30 to 50 percent higher engagement and retention rates than those without one. "

Get Ready To Maximize Your People Potential 

Do you have a crystal-clear vision for your business yet struggle to achieve the results you desire from your teams?

Here's the candid truth… Conventional leadership programs attempt to change people’s behavior but fall short of truly transforming the individual due to lack of commitment and follow-through which leads to disappointing results.

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Imagine empowering your team members to undergo lasting personal and professional transformations, enabling them to supercharge your company's growth. This isn't just an investment; it's a pathway to loyalty and trust that exceeds your wildest expectations.

I specialize in crafting extraordinary transformations that ignite growth across every dimension of your organization by providing your people with the support and resources they need to sustain and cultivate a collaborative workplace where potential thrives.

From day one Transformational Strategies will deliver game-changing breakthroughs that create a clear and defined impact on your business. These are not empty pledges. Our exclusive programs guarantee lasting success for individuals committed to growth. No more excuses.


Transformational Strategies for Success™: Elevate Your Leadership. Maximize Your Teams immersive six-month program engages individuals in deep self-exploration with powerful self-reflection and questions that helps them gain clarity on what's next, identify limitations, and unlock their full potential.

From Chaos to Clarity: Redefining Your Relationship to Uncertainty immersive four-week program designed to help individuals understand and manage anxiety, stress and fear in a powerful and effective way.

Leading with Trust: The Foundation for Organizational Excellence immersive four-week program designed to give leaders a deep understanding of why self-trust is the first step toward developing relational, organizational, market and societal trust.


I began Transformational Strategies for Success full of fear and anxiety about being my authentic self. Through each module, I grew stronger as Jacqueline helped shift my mindset. It was a commitment to myself and it was worth every moment even when it was really difficult. Jacqueline keeps it real and holds you accountable to yourself. She gives amazing guidance and has a great perspective based on her life experiences. - Amy Starnes, Workday Financials, Syssero

Going into Jacqueline's 'Transformational Strategies for Success' I thought I was on a certain level both professionally and personally, having made a point over the last several years to work on becoming my best, most authentic self. By the end of the first module I realized I had so much to learn in order to actually reach that perceived level. Jacqueline is one of the most genuine individuals I have ever had the pleasure to meet and she brings that level of authenticity to every element of her program.- Cody Sanders, Functional Consultant, Syssero

I recommend Jacqueline Wales' groundbreaking program, Transformational Strategies for Success. This program presents a unique and powerful approach to recognizing and addressing limiting beliefs, reshaping one's mindset, and designing a life filled with courage and purpose. What sets this program apart is its innovative method of transforming fear into action. Jacqueline's approach encouraged me to confront my fears head-on and use them as catalysts for positive change. As a result, I have been able to overcome significant obstacles and take bold steps towards my goals. - Dora Vanourek, IBM Consultant/Burnout Coach

Last year I had the honor of being part of Jacqueline Wales' Transformational Strategies for Success program. What a great adventure that was for me as I began to understand that I was nowhere close to where I wanted to be in my career. It also highlighted my fears and uncertainty and gave me great insights into how to overcome them. - Carol Killian, GRM/Finance Data Insights Diageo

I am beyond grateful for the time I've had with Jacqueline....after almost 8 months working with her I am awed at the results - Amanda Grayson, Integration Consultant, Syssero

"Transformational Strategies for Success helped me confront the fears, interrogated my actions and motivations, and uncovered why I have held certain beliefs for so long. I learned to examine the past and find clues throughout my life to help inform the choices I’m making going forward. I found value in myself looking inward, not outward." - Tiffany Chang, Conductor as CEO

I was ready to make significant changes in my career, and needed more clarity on where to go, and how to implement my true values and purpose in life. The greatest challenge was to face the questions I was afraid to ask but with Jacqueline’s coaching holding me accountable, it was a game changer. I am now ready to make a significant career change and could not have done it without Transformational Strategies for Success. “ – Susanne Wright , Wellness Coach, Australia

"Jacqueline is wise, warm and wickedly smart about people. Her EQ is off the charts and she can be trusted to always tell the truth and provide solutions that motivate you to live up to your gifts." - Cheryl Overton, Emmy-award winning brand strategist, New York

Transformational Strategies for Success is an excellent program for those looking to push past their own self-limiting fear. TSS helped me identify what was holding me back and provided strategies for shifting my mindset. Jacqueline has created an impressive and well-researched program.” - Kirsten Y.Howley, Business Coach

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Unleash The Power of Fear: The Secret to Success and Happiness

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As a child, I dreamed of defying the odds to become a writer and a singer. I escaped generations of violence and abuse in search of security and happiness in all the wrong places, leaving behind a trail of abandoned children and a pattern of self-abuse that threatened my life.

But that’s just where the story begins.

My life story has taught me that fear is the greatest driver for growth in the human experience. It can take many forms—shame, self-doubt, regret, and countless other anxious lies we tell ourselves. But when confronted, fear is the driving force that propels you toward the life you were meant to live. Unleashing the Power of Fear teaches audiences to confront their fears no matter what form they take, so that they can fully claim their authority and be fearless in pursuit of their dreams.

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Jacqueline Wales

After witnessing tremendous trauma early in life, fear dominated my mindset leading to self-sabotaging behaviors and bad choices that kept me from living a purpose filled life. For my children’s sake, I embraced the challenge of change and overcame the barriers that sabotaged my life.

Over time, and with the help of many advisors, I realized that I could help many people struggling with these same issues. This has led to several books, a TEDx talk, and for the last eighteen years I have been a trusted advisor to leaders who are ready to take greater ownership and authority in their chosen roles.

I'm Jacqueline Wales, your guide to transformational change, author of When The Crow Sings, a novel, The Fearless Factor, The Fearless Factor @ Work and creator of Transformational Strategies for Success, From Chaos to Clarity, and Leading With Trust  online self-development programs.

I'm here to help you and your organization grow.

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