Why Does Fear Matter to Your Success?

For accomplished women ready to take the next step...

Being Fearless is not the absence of fear, but the courage to take the next step! 

Be See Where it Gets You

Fear matters to our success because simply put it's the driver behind all our accomplishments.

Without it we won't push against the restrictions, the self-doubt, the choices and challenge of making decisions, the ability to speak up and be seen and heard. When we allow fear to dictate our actions we end up stuck, playing small and wondering why we are not being all we can be to create the life we want to be part of.

What you forget is that in that moment of hesitation lies the profound opportunity to create a better career, a better life. When you refuse to speak up when you know your ideas and your opinions matter, you are allowing fear to make decisions for you.

Over many decades of exceptional experiences and hundreds of conversations with accomplished women, I know that being fearless is not the absence of fear, but the courage to take the next step…. then the next one...until one day you realize you're not the same person you used to be.

As a keynot espeaker and trusted advisor, I'm passionate about helping individuals discover the truth of who they are, and  opening up insights and skills necessary to unlock your purpose and full potential so you can truly embrace being fearless and create the career and life you want.

You don't have to take the whole staircase. You just have to take the next step.

If you're serious about making changes in your life, let me help you become FEARLESS and accelerate dynamic growth across all dimensions of your life

" I set some very ambitious professional goals for 2020 and wanted a thought partner and accountability partner who would give me a kick in the pants when I needed it. I was also looking for a group environment where I could have the benefit of other ideas and enrolled in The Fearless Change program with Jacqueline. After six weeks, I achieved the goals I set and I'm very pleased with the outcome. I very much appreciate Jacqueline’s style as an authentic truth teller and highly recommend her as a coach." – Gena Cox, PhD, PCC Inclusion Strategist and Executive Coach

"Many of us can benefit by being more fearless overall - in our work, our relationships and in our lives. The Fearless Change Program is designed to shake us up, and it poses powerful questions for deep reflection and contemplation. If you’re anxious, overwhelmed, playing small or find that you need support to bust through limiting beliefs, and be challenged to show up as a more powerful and authentic YOU in the world, I highly recommend you consider participating in this course." - Kelli Richards, President & CEO All Access Group

FEARLESS CHANGE PROGRAM           Fear is a Four-Letter Word!

what fears are holding you back from living your best life now?

If you are ready to make fear a thing of the past, then download my free 6-page PDF to help you identify the fears that are holding you back, and give you the insights you need to accelerate change and create the success you desire.


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Keynote Speaker

We all know what fear looks and feels like, but do you really understand what it takes to move beyond it? Jacqueline Wales is a dynamic, inspirational and transformational speaker who has lived through exceptional experiences  to overcome fear and shares with your audience her keynote The Fearless Factor on how they can develop the insights and courage to overcome their own challenges.

Trusted Advisor

When it comes to getting out of your own way, and developing the insights, skills and knowledge you need to fast-track your career and life, you need a trusted advisor to help give you a proven competitive advantage. If you are ready for change I will take you from point A to B faster than you can on your own, and support you all the way. 

To Raise Performance, Assess Your Leaders and Employees Levels of Wellbeing

When your staff is aware of their thinking and how their behaviors impact effectiveness, it leads to positive change. Removing roadblocks and paving the way to develop strategies for improvement. Creating a more harmonious, constructive, and productive work environment.

As a certified consultant in Human Synergistics Leadership assessments and The Global Leadership Wellness Survey we provide solutions that provide a complete view of the factors that benefit both the employee and the organization.

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