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Being Fearless is not the absence of fear, but the courage to take the next step! 

Be See Where it Gets You


"Jacqueline is wise, warm and wickedly smart about people. Her EQ is off the charts and she can be trusted to always tell the truth and provide solutions that motivate you to live up to your gifts.”
- Cheryl Overton, Emmy Award Winning Brand Strategist

Jacqueline Wales is a Trusted Advisor to smart, accomplished women who will support you to:

  • Live up to your gifts
  • Break through fears & limiting beliefs
  • Explore your full potential
  • Take the next leap and live the life and career you love

Is This You?

You’re a strong, smart woman. A life-long learner who takes risks and meets new challenges.

But even the brightest and strongest among us aren’t immune to feelings of self-doubt, conflicting emotions, and fear. Some of us are unfulfilled in our careers. Some experience a lack of self-confidence, self-limiting beliefs, or fall into the imposter-syndrome trap.

What’s holding you back? Typically, it’s one thing: fear.

Let’s change that.

Explore your gifts and boundless potential, gain actionable insights, and do the great things you were meant to.

Julia Phelan

"Jacqueline is a great listener; perhaps even more importantly is that she listens and responds in such a way that she prompts and probes you to think outside of whatever box it is you're in. I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline as an inspirational coach and thought leader."

- Julia Phelan, Founder Too Eleven, Learning Engineer 

Here's what life looks like when we work together:

You’ll become a more powerful and authentic you.

Step into challenges & opportunities with clarity and conviction.

You’ll confidently claim the life you want.

Move forward with purpose to achieve your goals—taking on more risks or seeking out new opportunities

You’ll let go of doubt and limiting beliefs.

Tackle your fears and push the upper limits of what you believe is possible.


"Jacqueline is the person and the coach you want on your team if you have a purpose or a goal to pursue and accomplish."
- Rory Bakke, Sustainability Consultant


Gena blue cowl big smile

" I very much appreciate Jacqueline’s style as an authentic truth teller and highly recommend her as a coach and trusted advisor."
Gena Cox, PhD, PCC Inclusion Strategist and Executive Coach

Keynote Speaker

With inspirational wit, wisdom, and warmth, Jacqueline shares the insights she’s gained working with hundreds of exceptional women, helping audiences learn to overcome fears and let go of the limiting stories that keep them from achieving what they want to in life.

Trusted Advisor

As your straight-talking, trusted advisor, I’m here to support women like you—exceptional women who see myriad possibilities on the horizon and want to venture there.. I’ll help you move beyond the fears and self-limiting blocks so you can live up to your gifts and do the great things you’re meant to do. Fearlessly! Because being fearless isn’t about the absence of fear—it’s about acknowledging the fear and having the courage to move forward anyway.

To Raise Performance, Assess Your Leaders and Employees Levels of Wellbeing

When your staff is aware of their thinking and how their behaviors impact effectiveness, it leads to positive change. Removing roadblocks and paving the way to develop strategies for improvement. Creating a more harmonious, constructive, and productive work environment.

As a certified consultant in Human Synergistics Leadership assessments and The Global Leadership Wellness Survey we provide solutions that provide a complete view of the factors that benefit both the employee and the organization.

FEARLESS CHANGE PROGRAM           Fear is a Four-Letter Word!

what fears are holding you back from living your best life now?

If you are ready to make fear a thing of the past, then download my free 6-page PDF to help you identify the fears that are holding you back, and give you the insights you need to accelerate change and create the success you desire.


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