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The real story of Jacqueline Wales

People who know me call me FEARLESS! And I've earned the title. 

Over several decades I've been challenged by self-doubt and the fear that I'm  not good enough. It led me down some very dark alleys that almost sabotaged my life.  The journey to find my way to a healthy existence was a long one, with over forty years invested in self-growth, and I'm still growing.

Change is not easy, but having the right tools, insights and support makes it achievable.

As a coach and trusted advisor to many highly accomplished, super smart women including  academics, entrepreneurs, scientists and corporate executives, i have helped them find the courage to take control of their lives and defeat the self-doubt and resistance to change that stopped many from taking more risks and thus achieve more.

Today, I have written extensively on self-awareness, published three books including The Fearless Factor, The Fearless Factor @ Work, and a novel, When The Crow Sings, and created the online program Transformational Strategies for Success.

I've used all my life experiences to help my clients take accountability for their actions and responsibility for their decisions in order to achieve remarkable results. There are no guarantees in life, but if you do the work you can change generations of challenges to create a better world.

Clients describe me as outgoing, candid, empathetic and down to earth—an insightful guide who genuinely cares about wanting to help. The term “all-around badass” has also been used more than once! My mission is simple. I'm here to change the world...one person at a time!

My biggest achievement is that in one generation, I have changed the dynamics of what a family really means. From a background that included lack of education, alcoholism and abuse, to birthing four healthy adults who are successful in their careers, and raising their own families with love and respect, I can think of nothing more important than that.

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10 Things You Didn't Know About Jacqueline

  • 1 Born in Edinburgh Scotland and left home at 16 to move to London. Since then lived in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Bali, New York, and back to the San Francisco Bay Area.
  • 2 My first book took twelve years to write.
  • 3 I served as a cantor for synagogues in Paris and Amsterdam during the High Holidays for five years.
  • 4 Love to cook and served up five-star meals to guests. Currently learning Indian cuisine.
  • 5 Read three to four books a month fiction and non-fiction
  • 6 Favorite wine is Pinot Noir but I'll take whatever you're pouring if it's good!
  • 7 Spent seventeen years as the owner of a luxury boutique hotel in Bali and trained all our village staff to serve at the highest level.
  • 8 Earned a black belt in Shotokan karate and now enjoy Crossfit style workouts in my garage.
  • 9 My best deadlift was 245 lbs!
  • 10 Potato chips are my downfall!

Jacqueline's coaching has made a difference in my life for which the word transformative is not the slightest exaggeration

– Jayna Sheats, Founder and CFO, Terecircuits


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