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5..6..7..8 Who Do You Appreciate

“Next to physical survival, the greatest need of a human being is psychological survival – to be understood, to be affirmed, to be validated, to be appreciated.” – Stephen Covey, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Feeling appreciated is a fundamental need. Each of us wants to know that what we do matters. We want […]

Turn Your Tomorrow Into Today – Procrastinate No More!

“Much of the stress that people feel doesn’t come from having too much to do. It comes from not finishing what they started.” — David Allen We all procrastinate in our own ways. There are thousands of ways to avoid doing what you must do. The interesting thing is procrastination is a really creative act. […]

Are You Ready To Redefine Your Work Life?

“You can focus on things that are barriers or you can focus on scaling the wall or redefining the problem.” Tim Cook There is a lot of talk about redefining how we work. Is it remote, hybrid or simply a return to the office? Do we simply keep doing what we’ve always done, or do […]

Smart Women…Smart Choices

“Ignore the glass ceiling and do the work. If you’re focusing on what you don’t have, focusing on the limitations, then you will be limited.” – Ava DuVernay The continuing scarcity of senior women leaders at the top creates a need for a new paradigm on how women show up in the workplace. We are […]

Will You Risk Being Who You Really Want To Be?

At some point in our lives we have all wished we had the courage…to do something different.” – Cindy Solomon, author My work with entrepreneurs, senior executives and employees in large and small companies has proven one thing. It doesn’t matter what role you play in life; the underlying behavioral patterns have a great deal […]

Fearless Friday 5 Strategies for Career and Life Success

Are You Ready to Redesign Your Work Life? While analysts question whether the Great Resignation will continue or is waning, do you feel like you missed the opportunity to make your move? Did you stay gainfully employed, but wish you had quit? Do you long to create a different work life reality but can’t take […]

Why Does Fear Matter To Your Success?

The world of work has changed, and we are facing unprecedented shortages of talent in many organizations. Gallup’s latest research on employee retention indicates that fewer than one in four employees feel strongly that their organizations care about their wellbeing – which is the lowest in a decade. It is especially noticeable among mid-level managers who have experienced […]

Empathy: Are You Bringing It To Work?

Empathy: Are You Bringing It To Work? When you listen to an exquisite piece of music or read a scene in a book where the character overcomes something, you feel it. When a colleague shares their struggles, you know how they feel. According to author and professor Richard Boyatzis, the underlying intent of empathy is wanting to […]

5 Fearless Strategies for Success – Fail Better

FAIL BETTER Very few people are comfortable with failure. It carries a stigma that perhaps we are not good enough, that we don’t have the skills or talents, and we are somehow incompetent. It could not be further from the truth. Our failures are steppingstones to whatever dream or goal we desire, and sometimes we […]

What Does Being Fearless Mean?

Fear is the background noise of many people’s lives. A constant din that keeps you hyper vigilant; always on the lookout for trouble, dealing with limitations that define your life. By identifying the fears holding you back and learning how you can overcome them, you can create the life you desire. Now more than ever we […]

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