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What your leaders don’t see or really understand, they can’t change.

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There are many assessments to measure competency and effectiveness or to examine empowerment and engagement. What’s often missing—and a must know for leadership success—is how your people behave when approaching their work and interacting with others.

The saying is true: It’s easy to see someone else’s strengths and weaknesses and be blind to our own. And it’s impossible to change unproductive behavior without awareness.

These assessment tools give your leaders:

  • Awareness of their behaviors and impact.
  • Insights about what they can do to make a bigger difference.
  • Details about how to cultivate a more constructive environment.
  • A roadmap for delivering better results.

Putting all pieces together to provide a complete, accurate picture of your teams.

fearless factor

Life Styles InventoryTM

An individual development tool, LSI uses self-assessment and 360° feedback to identify thinking and behavioral styles. This tool empowers your people to be better at everything they do. It’s valuable for:

  • Exploring new ways of thinking and behaving.
  • Increasing personal and professional effectiveness.
  • Coping better with stress, pressure, and change.
  • Strengthening problem solving skills.
  • Becoming a more open-minded, creative thinker.
  • Improving the quality of interpersonal relationships.
  • Achieving work and self-set goals.

On a team level, the LSI tool and Jacqueline's support gave me the depth of human understanding I needed to determine what motivated my team, and how to empower them to fuel growth

– Emily Hruby Halpern, Director, Client Engagement, Adidas 


Leadership Impact and Leadership EffectivenessTM (L/I)

L/I gives managers and executives feedback about their leadership strategies, impact on others and how they affect performance. The product of extensive research and a 360° feedback tool used worldwide, L/I provides valuable insights into your leaders’ influence and effectiveness. It helps them confront and overcome personal barriers for achieving peak performance—for themselves, their teams and ultimately, the organization:

  • Identifying gaps between perception and desired behavior.
  • Understanding the implications of various leadership strategies.
  • Evaluating your leadership development initiatives.
  • Building a healthier organizational culture.
  • Increasing organizational effectiveness.

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