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Discover how to be more authentic, and create the life and career you deserve

A self-directed online program supported by monthly coaching and mastermind groups designed to help you improve self-awareness, breakthrough obstacles, communicate effectively, and gain clarity on vision, purpose and actionable goals.

Transformational Strategies for Success® is designed to develop individuals to their highest potential across all dimensions of career and life.


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“"If you are looking for a trusted partner to tackle some professional challenges in a supportive group of your peers, this course is for you. I am coming out of it with a clear vision of what areas need my attention to advance to the next level professionally and with an action plan.

Elena Farah PhD Adjunct Faculty Instructor, University of Houston


  • Going Beyond Fear
  • What are you Willing to Change?
  • Begin with the End in Mind
  • Attitude is Everything
  • Be Yourself Everyone Else is Taken
  • Fail Better
  • Living Life on Purpose
  • Communicating Your needs
  • As Time Goes By
  • Building Your Entourage
  • One Step at a Time…It’s Only the Beginning
Learning Zones
  • Thinking and Behavior
  • Accountability
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Decision Making
  •  Vision and Purpose
  • Time Management
  • Influence Building
  • Develop greater confidence and make better choices
  • Identify values and set clear goals
  • Be more authentic in pursuit of excellence
  • Clarify vision, values and purpose
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Build a strong network to increase influence
Who is this for?
  • Individuals
  • Mid-level managers
  • Senior executives
Monthly Mastermind
  • Monthly meeting with your peers
  • One-on-One Coaching
  • Accountability
  • Trusted Advisors


You are someone who has invested in your career and has achieved a great deal. You want a high-quality experience where you can truly learn something new and grow your career and business. You want outstanding results. You need the framework of strategy and accountability. You know there are other opportunities, or roads you can take, but you know you have not reached your full potential yet. You also realize that you need a peer group that understands and is on the journey with you to take the next big leap forward and who will champion and challenge you to be the best version of you. You are also 100% committed to doing what it takes to grow your career and life.

Julia Phelan

“Jacqueline is a great listener; perhaps even more importantly is that she listens and responds in such a way that she prompts and probes you to think outside of whatever box it is you're in. Her program encourages deep self-reflection and personal exploration of past and current events. I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline as an inspirational coach and thought leader.

Julia Phelan PhD,  Learning Engineer and Founder Too Eleven


When you are engaged in deeply personal exploration you need  people who believe in you, and who encourage to stay open and curious to discover the essence of who you truly are.

These small (4-6) carefully curated peer groups are a powerful way to get results fast. In conjunction with the TSS program you will get support, encouragement, and shared insights to achieve the results you want.

Plus, you get the services of this fearless coach to guide you and give you the advice you need when you need it.

How it works:

  • Once a month we will meet in a small group (4-6) for 90 minutes – 2 hours.
  • Once a month you will have an hour one-on-one coaching session with Jacqueline
  • A lifetime access to Transformational Strategies for Success.
  • As well as an online community forum to stay connected in between.

Sounds like a lot and it is.

I want you to have the fastest breakthrough possible to reach your goals. As you know change needs time to develop new habits of thinking and behavior, and we also need support to make sure you stay accountable and don’t backslide or get distracted.

All the tools and insights you need to make changes

I have all the tools you need to get you thinking and moving past the obstacles – fast!. I also have a reputation for being a kick-ass coach who can cut through the B.S. in short time and who will give you benefit of my several decades of accumulated wisdom.

This program is for you if you are seriously committed to making the changes that will accelerate your life and career, and IF you are ready to do the work to make the changes you want NOW and ready to start the journey to greater fulfillment and satisfaction.

Who is it NOT for

This is not for you if you think you know it all, and don’t find self-improvement necessary. You’ve done a lot of coaching over the years, and don’t believe there is anything new to learn. You’re dealing with a mental-health condition that prohibits full engagement with the program. It’s also not for you if you can’t commit to the times set out for participation, or you think it would put too much strain on your finances. If there is a chance you may not be able to commit fully to the experience, then you may want to wait for a better time.

Here’s What You Can Expect:

Here’s what you get…(and probably a lot more!)

Time is precious and finding really smart, cool people who can empathize and understand the challenges of high-achievers can sometimes be hard to find. That’s why I’m hand-selecting this group to make it as awesome as I can. This is a unique experiece that will respect your limited time and give you the biggest impact that will transform your life and career.

Become more powerful and authentic. Step into challenges and opportunities with clarity and conviction

Confidently claim the life and career that delivers results. Move forward with purpose to achieve goals – taking on more risks or seeking out new opportunities for innovation

Overcome self-doubt and limiting beliefs to discover your full potential. Tackle fears and push the upper limits of what you believe is possible

Gena blue cowl big smile

“To say this program changed my life would be an understatement. It is truly transformative as I found the courage to leave my corporate job and start my own business.”

Gena Cox, Ph.D. Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach & Inclusion Strategist

It's Time For Change

Are you ready to say “hell yes” to doing the work of change?  Willing to show up each month, have meaningful conversations, dive deeply into the gnarly stuff that’s been holding you back, and build trust and vulnerability so you can truly start to shine? Then don’t wait any longer. Let’s do it!

Meg has been at the company for three years and felt she was ready for the next move. She is unclear about what she wants or needs to gain more seniority in her position and would like help to identify next steps and to clarify her goals so she can have a better understanding of how to take on more challenging roles.

After completing a Human Synergistics behavioral assessment James understood that he wanted to make improvements in how he approached his relationships both professionally and personally but was unsure how to do that.

Ken is a compassionate, caring person who always wants to do the right thing and help others but frequently gets in his own way because he is afraid of rubbing people the wrong way. He describes himself as a people pleaser which frequently means he carries everyone’s problems and stress as his own, and constantly seeks validation that he’s doing okay.

Gail felt like work had become a chore and the people she worked with very unsympathetic to the changes she wanted to make within the organization. On top of that she felt all her efforts were being undermined by people who didn’t know half as much as she did. Dissatisfied and feeling trapped, she wanted to leave but didn’t feel she had the courage to make the switch.


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