Build Your Best Future in 2023

Whether you are struggling with your own fear, or have employees or team members who are limited by this emotion, there is a solution.
When individuals broaden their understanding of who they are, what they are capable of becoming, and move beyond the limitations that are currently holding them back from fulfilling greater potential, they are well placed to achieve greater success across all dimensions of their life.
And you can do that in six months or less!

What You Can Expect When You Complete TSS?


Eliminate negative thinking
Increase confidence
Expand your vision
Reduce stress


Stronger relationships
Increased morale and positivity
Collaborate effectively


Clarify priorities
Improve time management
Higher productivity
Better decision-making


“For all of my professional life, I’ve struggled with confidence. I wondered why I never seem to be good enough. I wasn’t advancing in my career, and I realized that my self-worth was driven by the need for validation and approval, and my fears drove my decisions and behaviors. I was stuck. TSS helped me confront the fears, interrogated my actions and motivations, and uncovered why I have held certain beliefs for so long. I learned to examine the past and find clues throughout my life to help inform the choices I’m making going forward. I found value in myself looking inward, not outward. Jacqueline’s support to keep me honest and self-aware was invaluable. If I keep going in this way, my future can be whatever I want it to be.” -Tiffany Chang, Massachusetts

“I was ready to make significant changes in my career, and needed more clarity on where to go, and how to implement my true values and purpose in life. The greatest challenge was to face the questions I was afraid to ask but with Jacqueline’s coaching holding me accountable, it was a game changer. I am now ready to make a significant career change and could not have done it without TSS. “ – Susanne Wright – Australia

“Transformational Strategies for Success is an excellent program for those looking to push past their own self-limiting fear. TSS helped me identify what was holding me back and provided strategies for shifting my mindset. Jacqueline has created an impressive and well-researched program.” - Kirsten Y.Howley – Virginia

“Jacqueline has a unique ability to balance radical candor with deep compassion, which is what I needed. Participating in TSS helped me identify long standing challenges that held me back and made me less productive throughout my career. It also helped me establish some positive habits in my personal life that I have successfully maintained. TSS should be required training for all leaders at any point in their journey. If you’re looking to accelerate real transformational change you need Jacqueline Wales to get you there.” – Joe Chatman, Missouri.

“Working on Jacqueline's program Transformational Strategies for Success has allowed me to make several changes that are supporting me mentally, physically, and emotionally as I work to take my business to the next level. Best of all, I know this is just the beginning of what I can accomplish with this important transformational program.” – Rebecca Eller-Molitas, Illinois

“After a few months of working with Jacqueline Wales she is THE success coach for any executive, especially women, in leadership roles. Her Transformational Strategies for Success program and individual coaching helped me solve some fundamental business problems that were getting in the way of my success as a leader in my organization. Her impact is powerful as she quickly helped me get past my doubts and challenges so I could build an effective business and become the person I truly want to be.” – Charles Bernard, New York

“If you are looking for a trusted partner to tackle some of the most tricky professional challenges in a supportive group of your peers, this course is for you. I am coming out of it with a clear vision of what areas need my attention to advance to the next level professionally and with an action plan. No-one said this would be easy, but it is definitely more structured! I fully recommend this course.” – Elena Farah PhD, Texas

“Transformational Strategies For Success encourages deep self-reflection and personal exploration of past and current events and mindsets and how they may be influencing your day to day life, or holding you back in some way. Through her coaching, Jacqueline encourages you to develop a more intentional state of self-awareness and resilience and constantly challenges you to examine those behaviors and mindsets which may not be serving you well and empowers you to make changes. Highly recommend.” – Julia Phelan PhD, California

“Many of us can benefit by being more fearless overall - in our work, our relationships and in our lives. Working with Jacqueline Wales and Transformational Strategies for Success gave me the opportunity to explore powerful questions for deep reflection and contemplation. If you’re anxious, overwhelmed, playing small or find that you need support to bust through limiting beliefs, and be challenged to show up as a more powerful and authentic YOU in the world, I highly recommend you consider participating in TSS.” – Kelli Richards, California

“Jacqueline's programs have made a difference in my life for which the word “transformative” is not the slightest exaggeration. She has an awesome insight into human nature, getting to critical factors that we ignore or don’t recognize, and helping you see these it in the overall personality context. She offers a well-balanced mixture of analysis, encouragement, criticism, and recommendations. It is a great pleasure to work with her! – Jayna Sheats, California

“Jacqueline you are an AMAZING facilitator! Thank you for a beautiful and life-changing, experience in Bali with Transformational Strategies for Success. I learned much about myself, set my next big business intention, and grew exponentially from the inside out. Thank you SO much for creating and holding the space for such an amazing experience.” – Julie Gordon White, California

“Jacqueline is not only highly intelligent and smart, but warm, generous and kind and she really cares about helping one to strive, achieve and see their potential. She is also astute, sensitive, thoughtful, and she "get's it" quickly. I did her Transformational Strategies for Success program at her beautiful sanctuary in Bali, and through this work I was able to understand myself better and grow. I have worked many years with various therapists but my work with TSS and Jacqueline has been more productive with measurable results.” Alexandra Franciscus, New York

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Get a bonus coaching session (value $500)

A fully self-directed online learning program that allows participants to complete In their own time and at their own pace through our comprehensive learning portal. The program is also supported by:

  • 1:1 coaching
  • small group masterminds
  • monthly group Q&A

Develop your managers to lead effectively by giving them the tools to accelerate self-awareness, empathy and communication effectiveness.

All candidates are carefully curated to ensure a good fit for both of us.


  • 11 immersive strategies
  • 77 life-changing activities
  • 50 Jacqueline videos (to keep you on track)
  • Monthly Group Q&A calls.
  • Online Community Group
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • A copy of The Fearless Factor @ Work
  • Note: This level does not include 1:1 coaching.


  • Monthly 1:1 coaching
  • Monthly group Q&A calls.
  • Online community
  • Unlimited email support
  • A copy of The Fearless Factor @ Work
  • Be Fearless t-shirt
  • Includes Foundation program


  • Monthly 1:1 coaching
  • Monthly 2-hour peer group mastermind
  • Monthly group Q&A calls
  • Online community group
  • Unlimited email support
  • A copy of The Fearless Factor @ Work
  • Be Fearless t-shirt
  • Includes Foundation program

IF you are seriously committed to making the changes that will accelerate your life and career success, and IF you are ready to do the work to make the changes needed NOW, and ready to start the journey to greater fulfillment and satisfaction...I GUARANTEE you will get the results you want.

Participant Breakthroughs

Tiffany Chang - web
Tiffany Chang,

Conductor as CEO, Berklee School of Music

In working with Jacqueline's Transformational Strategies for Success program it has provided me with an amazing and intensive opportunity for personal growth. Jacqueline has been thoroughly supportive in her coaching sessions - allowing me to feel fully seen and able to reveal the underlying issues that have allowed me to keep myself stuck. It is a fantastic kind of discomfort. The directness in her persistent (yet warm) guidance and probing questions is just the fire that I needed under me to move me forward in self-awareness and in my career growth!

Portrait of a happy businesswoman with hands folded on white background
Rebecca Eller Molitas

Adult Education Consultant, Chicago

"Working on Jacqueline's program Transformational Strategies for Success has allowed me to make several changes that are supporting me mentally, physically, and emotionally as I work to take my business to the next level. Best of all, I know this is just the beginning of what I can accomplish with this important transformational program. If you are ready to get serious about designing the life you want, Jacqueline provides the ideal mix of support, tough love, and the fearless factor. I highly recommend working with her; you won’t regret it. "

Who Should Apply?

  • You are invested in personal growth and believe that people grow when given the right tools and experience.
  • You want a high-quality program where you and your team can truly learn something new to grow your career and business.
  • You need a strong framework of strategy and accountability.
  • You know that a peer group will allow participants collaborate more effectively and take the next big leap forward.
  • And the most important one of all...You are sick and tired of feeling stuck and ready for change. 
Julia Phelan
“Jacqueline is a great listener; perhaps even more importantly is that she listens and responds in such a way that she prompts and probes you to think outside of whatever box it is you're in. Her program encourages deep self-reflection and personal exploration of past and current events. I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline as an inspirational coach and thought leader.

Julia Phelan PhD,  Learning Engineer and Founder Too Eleven

It's Time For Change

  • Show up for YOU!
  • Say “hell yes” to change.
  • Dive into the gnarly stuff.
  • Truly start to shine.

Don’t wait any longer. Let’s talk!

Gena blue cowl big smile
“To say this program changed my life would be an understatement. It is truly transformative as I found the courage to leave my corporate job and start my own business.”

Gena Cox, Ph.D. Organizational Psychologist, Executive Coach & Inclusion Strategist

Meg Is Ready For Promotion
James Wants To Be A Better Leader
Ken Is Tired Of People Pleasing
Gail Is Ready For A Career Switch


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