The Fearless Factor @ Work

Unlocking the secrets to a fearless career and life

"In The Fearless Factor at Work, Jacqueline Wales gives readers a priceless better relationships and greater success.”

~Dr. Tasha Eurich, New York Times bestselling author of Insight and Bankable Leadership

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This latest Fearless book is your essential guide for creating a happier future. The Fearless Factor @ Work helps you determine what really matters to you, develop more self-awareness, and discover ways to build trust and communicate more effectively. Filled with the right kind of questions, it gives you the opportunity to discover your own truths and uncover valuable insights that will accelerate your career and improve your life.

The Fearless Factor @ Work is written with honesty and no BS. It includes my personal, relatable stories. After reading them, you’ll know that if I was able to change, so can you.

Be Fearless: See Where it Gets You! Seize the day, dream big, and use this book to identify your own strategies for success.


In The Fearless Factor, you’ll learn how to handle the fear, self-doubt and anxiety that can mess with your life. This book will guide you to more positive thoughts and effective behaviors. Giving you the tools to become your best self.

What a joy it is to read such a clearly written, helpful, inspiring book. Author Jacqueline Wales has divided her book into short chapters so you can dip in and derive value even if you're busy and only have a few minutes to spare. You'll love her relatable stories and actionable insights. Highly recommended.

Sam Horn, CEO of the Tongue Fu! Training Institute 

I know and love Jacqueline Wales and when she says change is not for the faint of heart, she knows what she’s talking about. She has lived the experiences in this book and understands intimately the challenges. Jacqueline is a brave strong wise woman, and I believe her advice is very needed in today's world.

– Lee Milteer, Author of Success Is an Inside Job


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