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Every Successful Woman Benefits From Knowing Who She Is and What's She's Capable of Becoming

Tired of feeling self-doubt and lack of confidence that undermines your capability?
Overwhelmed with responsibility leading others effectively?
Undervalued for your contributions?
Overcommitted at work and not enough time for you or your family?

"If I hadn't taken Transformational Strategies for Success I would not have taken the time to be really introspective and question why everyday activities like grocery shopping, never mind major career changes, were causing me such stress and anxiety. Many of the exercises in TSS mirror the cognitive behavior therapy strategies I'm using to learn to cope with my anxiety. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for developing this course. I wouldn't have had a chance of being successful running my own business without it." - KH. Virginia

Take ownership and authority over your career and life today

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We all have internal stories that run our lives. These are the stories of who we are, what matters to us, and what we believe we are capable of being and becoming. Many of these stories are untrue and driven by fear.

7 Ways In Which We Sabotage Our Lives

  1. Doubting our capabilities
  2. Allowing others to make decisions for us
  3. Not speaking up for things we believe in
  4. Pleasing others in order to feel validated
  5. Overthinking our decisions
  6. Depending on others too much
  7. Striving for perfection

Transformational Strategies for Success™ gets to the heart of fear and self-doubt that drives these behaviors so you can achieve full ownership of your career and life. by simply asking powerful questions that open the door to your authentic self.

We are here to give you the support you need to make that happen. 


"Jacqueline is wise, warm and wickedly smart about people. Her EQ is off the charts and she can be trusted to always tell the truth and provide solutions that motivate you to live up to your gifts." - Cheryl Overton, Emmy-award winning brand strategist, New York

"Transformational Strategies for Success helped me confront the fears, interrogated my actions and motivations, and uncovered why I have held certain beliefs for so long. I learned to examine the past and find clues throughout my life to help inform the choices I’m making going forward. I found value in myself looking inward, not outward." - Tiffany Chang - Boston

I was ready to make significant changes in my career, and needed more clarity on where to go, and how to implement my true values and purpose in life. The greatest challenge was to face the questions I was afraid to ask but with Jacqueline’s coaching holding me accountable, it was a game changer. I am now ready to make a significant career change and could not have done it without Transformational Strategies for Success. “ – Susanne Wright – Australia

Transformational Strategies for Success is an excellent program for those looking to push past their own self-limiting fear. TSS helped me identify what was holding me back and provided strategies for shifting my mindset. Jacqueline has created an impressive and well-researched program.” - Kirsten Y.Howley – Virginia

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Jacqueline Wales


I spent a lifetime living with fears that limited my thinking and created behaviors that ended in self-sabotage and bad choices. I recognized how damaging this was to my own life, and that of my children, and decided to transform. I became a published author and an executive coach, and shared my experiences by writing four published books which results in enabling leaders to take greater ownership and authority in their chosen roles.

I'm Jacqueline Wales, your Guide to Transformational Change, author of When The Crow Sings, a novel,  The Fearless Factor, The Fearless Factor @ Work and creator of Transformational Strategies for Success.

For the last seventeen years I have worked with powerful women who overcame their self-doubt with courage and conviction to create a more fulfilling and joyful life. And I can help you do that too.

Most of your fears are in your head.......and here's how you can change it!

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As a child, I dreamed of defying the odds to become a writer and a singer.

I escaped generations of violence and abuse in search of security and happiness in all the wrong places, leaving behind her a trail of abandoned children and a pattern of self-abuse that threatened her life.

But that’s just where the story begins.

My life story has taught me that fear matters to your success. It can take many forms—shame, self-doubt, regret, and countless other anxious lies we tell ourselves.

But when confronted, fear can also be the driving force that propels you toward the life you were meant to live. “The Fearless Factor” teaches audiences to confront their fears no matter what form they take, so that they can fully claim their authority and be fearless in pursuit of their dreams.

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