Are You Here To Live Out Loud?

“If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.: – Emile Zola

It’s hard to imagine now, but for too many years I was afraid to live out loud. I played small, compromised myself by allowing others to make the decisions, and didn’t speak up for what was right for me.

In short, I didn’t have the confidence to believe in me.

Today, life is very different.

I recently celebrated my 71st birthday which is remarkable in itself, and along the way I found my voice and I am unafraid to live out loud.

During my life, I have been blessed with exceptional experiences that tested my will to survive, challenged my way of thinking and behaving, and gave me opportunities to explore the world, and share my life in a unique way with the people I’ve been blessed to know.

I consider all of the challenges in my life from my earliest days growing up in Scotland until now, gifts.

I have also had the privilege of sharing these gifts with my clients, the people who gave me the opportunity to speak to, write for, and interact with, as well as my family and friends who have given me the greatest gifts of all.

In one generation, these gifts have changed the dynamics of what family means to me as I learned to share love and gratitude for my ever expanding family, and my husband of 43 years.

In this season of gift-giving there is only one gift that truly keeps on giving.

Developing your self-awareness!

Knowing who you are, knowing what matters to you, and knowing how you stand in your own way is the gift we give ourselves. All other gifts pale in comparison.

It is this awareness that allows us to live out loud.

As we wind down on yet another year, will you be the same person you are now at the end of next year?

Or will you take on the challenge to live out loud and proclaim in a loud voice who you really are, and claim the power of you? Will you believe you can?

Reflections on living out loud.

  • Manifest your calling, but don’t do it for the world. Do it for the sake of doing it.
  • Do it because you enjoy what you do. Do it because you feel a call from within your being.
  • Embrace the purity of your essence because that’s the only way existence can express itself and enrich the world.
  • As your energy opens and expands, the universe opens and expands. The more consciously you live your life, the more you become a blessing to yourself, others, and the world.
  • If you live your truth, you will help others to see and live theirs.

And most of all, be grateful for all the gifts that life has offered you in the past, and will offer in the future when you open yourself to the possibilities.

The world holds infinite possibilities if you are open to receiving them.

Thank you for reading.

Much love and gratitude


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