The Fearless factor @ Work

Jacqueline is an experienced and empathetic development coach that consistently ushers you towards being the person you want to become; towards unlocking your purpose and potential.

–Charles Bernard, CEO, Criteria for Success

BE FEARLESS: See Where It Gets You! 

Are you ambitious? Do you work hard to get the promotions and gain the recognition you deserve?  Are you constantly thinking about ways to improve your work and want a better work/life balance, but aren’t sure how to achieve it?

Consider this book your virtual mentor as you develop greater self-awareness, build stronger trust, and learn how to communicate more effectively. Acquire the skills to make better decisions, discover strategies for success, and establish relationships that last long after you’ve moved on to another job or career.

If you yearn for a life of accomplishment and fulfillment and are searching for answers, this essential guide unlocks the secrets for taking you there. It is filled with the right kind of questions to get your desired results. Offering the insights you need to accelerate your career and elevate your life.

This is your invitation to dream big and create a happier future for yourself.

The Fearless Factor @ Work_Excerpt 

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