You are one decision away from taking the next step toward the life you want.

As a child in the impoverished Leith neighborhood of Edinburgh, Scotland, Jacqueline Wales dreamed of defying the odds to become a singer and a writer.

She escaped generations of violence and abuse in search of security and happiness in all the wrong places, leaving behind her a trail of abandoned children and a pattern of self-abuse that threatened her life.

But that's just where the story begins.

In Jacqueline's keynote "The Fearless Factor", she takes audiences on the awe-inspiring journey that carried her away from her troubled youth toward a life of authenticity, awakening, self-discovery and joy.

Jacqueline's life story has taught her that fear matters to your success. It can take many forms - shame, self-doubt, regret, and countless other anxious lies we tell ourselves.

But when confronted fear can also be the driving force that propels you toward the life you were meant to live. "The Fearless Factor" teaches audiences to confront their fears no matter what form they take, so that they can full claim their authority and be fearless in pursuit of their dreams.

Be See Where it Gets You


Being fearless is about the journey, never the destination…It’s about the search for self…understanding self…getting radically honest with find the brilliance of who you Really are. 

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