Being fearless is about the journey, never the destination…It’s about the search for self…understanding self…getting radically honest with find the brilliance of who you Really are. 

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The Fearless Factor Keynote

We all have fears that keep us playing small, stop us from speaking up, limit our opportunities, and create limitations on how we live our lives. The urge to fight or take flight is always present.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

Fear is driven by your imagination. It's the stories you tell yourself, and you have the power to change the story.  Sharing personal stories of overcoming the odds, and creating a life beyond her imagination. you will learn how to  address the uncertainty, worry and anxieties that stop you from being the best version of you.


Facing our Emotions Actively Regenerates… the real you!

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What is Your Fearless Factor?


Moving has been a constant theme in my life. Change is the engine that has driven so much of it. An incessant need to explore, expand and enrich…and also to escape.

Running away has always seemed like a good plan…NOT! You might have a different location…but the heavy baggage goes with you.

In the deepest, darkest phase of getting past the self-doubt and self-sabotaging behaviors that kept me locked up inside my head… a friend asked me why I was putting myself through this…it was simple… I told her if I didn’t go through the process…I would die…maybe not physically…but certainly emotionally and mentally…

With every step I was shedding another layer. Like an onion, I was being peeled. All the emotions that had been kept safely inside burst open to reveal just how messed up I was…and I was pretty messed up…it felt like the phoenix rising out of the ashes of my past to escape that charred black box.

Carl Jung said, “I am NOT what happened to me,   I am what I CHOOSE To BECOME?

What happened to me in the early part of my life may not have been a choice….But how I choose to feel about what happened to me and how I respond to that…..THAT is a choice! I can choose to be the person I want to be…no one can tell me otherwise. I am nobody’s victim.

The sad reality is that most people believe that their past defines who they are, and they forget that in this moment…..this very moment of reality….this is your reality, right here, right now…you have a choice.

I had to choose to change what wasn’t working for me…..I had to choose who I wanted to be…I could choose to create a future that was vastly different from the one I was currently living.

I chose to get comfortable being uncomfortable, and that’s never easy for someone who resisted getting radically honest and being vulnerable.

Jacqueline Wales is a dynamic and transformational speaker who fundamentally believes that we all have the capacity to be fearless if we learn to navigate the changes we want in life. To embrace change you must be willing to open yourself to new directions, actively stay curious and give yourself the opportunity to find a path that defines who you truly are.
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