An Invitation To Change – The Fearless Change Program

YOUR INVITATION TO CHANGE – in 6-weeks or less!

A 6-week virtual program to develop self-awareness, improve performance and fulfill potential. Developing the tools and insights you need to shake existing paradigms and drive your business and life success. 

The Fearless Factor @ Work program is based on the principles that career and life satisfaction are more successful when there is greater self-awareness in thinking and behavior. With the reinforcement of new behavior through time, as well as coaching, you can expect accelerated change.

A robust, practical approach

This methodical approach emphasizes self-awareness, growth and accountability in a small group format. Supported by virtual coaching, and self-reflection exercises to discover blind spots, strengths and weaknesses which will accelerate change and build success in career and life.


Explore limiting beliefs, vision and values, trust, communication habits, authenticity and resilience, building influence, and transitions in career and life.


Identify strengths and weaknesses and develop the most effective approach for changing behavior through self-awareness, and strategic actions that encourage growth and development.


Receive weekly 30-minute individual coaching sessions (phone or video) (3 hours) during the program. All conversations are confidential, challenging, and action oriented. Relevant resources are provided to enhance learning.


Measure progress, keep the program on track with your objectives and define future goals using ongoing feedback surveys.

Throughout this six-week program you will develop the skills and insights you need to truly feel the power of being FEARLESS!




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The Next Program Starts January 19th 



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